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London Wedding Photographer – Winter Wedding at The Swan at the Globe {Helen & Owen}

Wedding at Shakespeare's Globe





Winter Swan at the Globe Wedding in London

New Year’s Eve usually finds me in my pyjamas, watching a movie (or three!) until the fireworks come on tv at midnight, and then rock ‘n rolling it off to bed at 12:05am. Because I’m cool like that. But when Owen and Helen contacted me about photographing their New Year’s Eve wedding, I thought, “What a fab idea!”. I don’t know if it’s just me, but New Year’s Eve parties always end up being a bit of a let-down. But by throwing your wedding on New Year’s, you’re guaranteeing an amazing party for both yourself and your friends! And, incidentally, for your not-so-rock ‘n roll photographer. 😛 Plus I still got home before midnight! Epic wins all round.

Helen and Owen chose The Swan at the Globe wedding venue for their winter wedding ceremony and party. With the dusky Thames and London skyline outside the window, and lots of candles and winter greens for decoration, it felt so magical. Later on, after dark, we popped out for some couple portraits along the river, and of course, outside Shakespeare’s Globe, which is so freaking fabulous I have to keep reminding myself that I actually live in the same city as it! Luckily it wasn’t too freezing, though Helen was a trooper in her sleeveless wedding dress, posing away on the riverbank, while my second shooter Paola and I were wearing our coats. But it was totally worth it for those photos!

Thanks for being such a fun, chilled out, happy couple, Helen and Owen! Weddings like yours make my year. xx

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London Wedding Photography – The Swan at Shakespeare’s Globe Wedding {Lora & Nick}

swan restaurant shakespeares globe wedding



At the end of October I photographed Lora and Nick’s wedding – just in time before the clocks went back, so we still had that extra hour of sunlight for photos! Nice planning, you two. Plus it was a gorgeous balmy day – we all went outside in short sleeves quite happily, and my second shooter, Paola, was even wearing sandals!

The main thing that stood out to me about this lovely wedding was just how happy Lora and Nick were. I don’t think I got a single photo of Lora without a huge smile on her face, and Nick wasn’t far behind. They were BEAMING their faces off, and I loved it! And the other thing that struck me was the close relationship between Lora, her sister Claire, and their Mum. The sweetest trio of ladies – and the latter two spent the day going from tears to huge smiles and back to tears again. They were so happy for Lora and Nick.

The ceremony was held at The Swan at Shakespeares Globe wedding venue, which got geeky me very excited, because, well, Shakespeare. 🙂 After the ceremony we headed out for photos on the river bank, where Nick and Lora didn’t let the hundreds of tourists put them off one bit, and Claire managed to hold off the crowds on the Millennium Bridge so we could get a photo of the couple there!

Quick explanation of the well-loved Tiggr toy you’ll see in a few photos – he was Nick’s favourite stuffed as an animal as a child, so Lora sneaked him out of their house and delivered him to Nick’s mum, who made him a suit and bowtie, and brought him as a surprise wedding guest! I LOVED him, and it made me wish someone had brought my favourite toy, Carrot (a purple bunny) to my wedding in a little tuxedo!

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