Essex Wedding Photography – Three Rivers Hindu Weddings {Rupal & Dipen}

Hindu weddings photographer

Hindu Weddings at Three Rivers Golf Club

A few months ago I photographed Rupal and Dipen’s Hindu Engagement Ceremony in North London (which is basically like a mini wedding ceremony with fewer guests :-D), so I was really looking forward to their actual Hindu weddings ceremony and then the legal ceremony and party the following week! Dipen & Rupal are a gorgeous couple who are very much in love, and who love to laugh and have fun with each other, and this really shone through on all three of the days I spent with them. And I absolutely loved their priest who conducted the ceremony, who explained what was going on in English so that everyone could understand, and made a lot of jokes so everyone had a good time.

All the Hindu weddings I’ve shot differ slightly from each other, with certain traditions incorporated in some and not others. This time the new one to me was Rupal’s sisters and brothers trying to steal Dipen’s shoes and hold them to ransom just as he arrived at the ceremony, while all of his boys tried to prevent this, resulting in an epic scrum with me trapped in the middle! Scary but fun. 🙂

The day started with a breakfast for everyone, followed by the welcoming of the families, and then the ceremony. After that there was more food (which was delicious, even to this girl who doesn’t like things too hot and spicy!), and then some super fun couple photos, which I loved because Dipen and Rupal (but especially Dipen) love hamming it up for the camera!

And finally, it was time for the couple to say goodbye to everyone in the Vidaai Ceremony, which got somewhat emotional – even for me – and for Rupal’s girls to prevent the wedding car from leaving until they were compensated accordingly :-).

So much fun! Thank you to Rupal and Dipen and all your families and friends for making us feel so welcome. And thank you to my second shooter Liz for getting fabulous shots and taking all the craziness in your stride!

Hindu Wedding Mandap

Hindu wedding order of ceremony

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  1. Lovely set Kathy!

  2. Lovely set Kathy! 🙂

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    Beautiful bride, stunning wedding and beautifully captured filled with lots of emotion