Shoreditch Wedding Photographer: Trash the Dress {Annemarie & Romain}

Trash the dress shoreditch

Annemarie and Romain live in London, but because they’re both French they naturally held their wedding a few months ago in France. They contacted me because they love London, especially Shoreditch and its surrounds, which they love and where they live and spend a lot of time, and they wanted some fun, quirky photos of themselves in their wedding attire there! I, of course, love graffiti and old walls and dilapidated buildings, so the area they picked was spot on! I just fell in love with the “Let’s Adore and Endure Each Other” sign, and I kind of stopped traffic to get the fun photo with the giant hand on the wall pointing down at them! Well, we didn’t want stupid cars blocking the wall! Luckily there was heavy traffic, so they would have had to pause anyway… All in a day’s work. 🙂 We ended the day with some beautiful golden afternoon light down by the canal – gorgeous!

Annemarie-Romain-TTD-05 Annemarie-Romain-TTD-09 Annemarie-Romain-TTD-10 Annemarie-Romain-TTD-12 Annemarie-Romain-TTD-20 Annemarie-Romain-TTD-28 Annemarie-Romain-TTD-31 Annemarie-Romain-TTD-35 Annemarie-Romain-TTD-39 Annemarie-Romain-TTD-41 Annemarie-Romain-TTD-48 Annemarie-Romain-TTD-51 Annemarie-Romain-TTD-53

© Shoreditch Wedding Photographer Kat Forsyth

15 responses to “Shoreditch Wedding Photographer: Trash the Dress {Annemarie & Romain}

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