Trash the Dress in Johannesburg Part II


Here is part 2, in which we trespass inside a random building and bring out the balloons! See Part I here.

Trash the Dress Johannesburg_01

Trash the Dress Johannesburg_02

Trash the Dress Johannesburg_03

Trash the Dress Johannesburg_04

Trash the Dress Johannesburg_05

Trash the Dress Johannesburg_06

Trash the Dress Johannesburg_07

Trash the Dress Johannesburg_08

Trash the Dress Johannesburg_09

Trash the Dress Johannesburg_10

Trash the Dress Johannesburg_11

Trash the Dress Johannesburg_12

Trash the Dress Johannesburg_13

Trash the Dress Johannesburg_14

Trash the Dress Johannesburg_15

Trash the Dress Johannesburg_16

Trash the Dress Johannesburg_17

Trash the Dress Johannesburg_18

Trash the Dress Johannesburg_19

Trash the Dress Johannesburg_20

Trash the Dress Johannesburg_21

Trash the Dress Johannesburg_22

Trash the Dress Johannesburg_23

Trash the Dress Johannesburg_24

Oh, and there’s MORE. Oh, yes.

8 responses to “Trash the Dress in Johannesburg Part II

  1. Absolutely LOVE these!! Did you use OCF?

  2. Kat Forsyth

    Thanks! No, all natural light…I actually prefer it, and anyway I don’t have a stand or pocket wizards or anything! 🙂 Though it’s a good thing to do in darkness, like we did at the JD workshop.

  3. Wow, these are stunning!! 😀

  4. I love the ones where she’s lying on the ground.

  5. amandathiessen

    awesome shots!

  6. Great images Kat — Way to rock it!! And high five to trespassing. It’s always much more fun when your causin’ a little trouble. 😉

  7. Black balloons! I know you stalk blogs like I do and it’s so fun to see your creativity because you KNOW what’s overused and black balloons with knee high boots definitely aren’t.

    Didn’t you tell me you are using a kit lens? How in the world do you have enough natural light to do these without a flash!

  8. Kat Forsyth

    Thanks, Chelsea! I still don’t know what building that was we were trespassing in. 🙂

    Jenna – most of them are outside, but I still had to be at something like 1/80 (the slowest I can get without shake!). The ones on the stairs there was a huge window right over her, and I cranked up the ISO and made them a bit grungy. I didn’t go over 800, though – my 1600 ISO just looks RUBBISH.

    And then, of course, I lightened in PS. 🙂 Thanks for the compliment re the black balloons – I really was trying to do something different! I love balloons and I thought black ones would just rock!