Trash the Dress in Johannesburg Part III


The third and final part of my Trash the Dress with Louise! We started doing some trespassing here too, but to get into the first place the security guards made me phone the owner and ask his permission. They caught us slipping through the fence. Heheh.

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Trash the Dress Johannesburg_01

Trash the Dress Johannesburg_02

Trash the Dress Johannesburg_03

Trash the Dress Johannesburg_04

Trash the Dress Johannesburg_05

Trash the Dress Johannesburg_06

Trash the Dress Johannesburg_07

Trash the Dress Johannesburg_08

Trash the Dress Johannesburg_09

Trash the Dress Johannesburg_10

Trash the Dress Johannesburg_11

Trash the Dress Johannesburg_12

Trash the Dress Johannesburg_13

Then we tried to get into the old Gasworks in Brixton. There we got stopped by a strange old man who gave us a huge lecture on how it was forbidden to go in there, but he was still going to let us, but if we fell through to the centre of the earth or stood on toxic waste that ate through our shoes it would be our faults. Um. We just stood outside in the end. We didn’t even find any of the blackjacks he warned us about; in fact, he seemed more concerned about the blackjacks than the toxic waste and alleged holes to the centre of the earth!

Trash the Dress Johannesburg_14

Trash the Dress Johannesburg_15

Trying a little vintage processing here:

Trash the Dress Johannesburg_16

Trash the Dress Johannesburg_17

Then we saw this funky old Morris Minor (so my friend Debi informed me), so we did some more lying on the ground action shots:

Trash the Dress Johannesburg_18

Trash the Dress Johannesburg_19

I know this one seems odd, but I really like the way I’ve placed it!

Trash the Dress Johannesburg_20

Trash the Dress Johannesburg_21

Trash the Dress Johannesburg_22

The End!

7 responses to “Trash the Dress in Johannesburg Part III

  1. Absolutely gorgeous!! I’m surprised you got into the old rail station.

  2. Kat Forsyth

    So was I ! I think he just didn’t want to have to argue with me early on a Sunday morning. 🙂

  3. This entire set was just amazing. The contrast with old and new, the colours. Great work!

  4. Love the balloons and boots for this TTD session! Awesome job!

  5. I absolutely love the first shots of the dress!

  6. Gorgeous shoot. I LOVE your black and whites. Very glam!

  7. Awesome session! Love the reflection shots in the beginning. The one with the boots cracked me up! So many more fun images that kept on coming. Gorgeous eyes, too!