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Mandy and James are getting married in April in the Clerkenwell area (At the Museum of the Order of St John and the Chiswell Street Dining Rooms for the reception), so for their engagement photos we decided to have a wander around the area, so they could show me where everything will be happening on the wedding day, and also to find some good spots for the wedding pictures. We had to postpone once because of the tube strike, but the quiet, sunny (albeit freezing) Sunday we ended up with was absolutely perfect! It was such a beautiful area to shoot in – I’ve never done a London engagement session in such peace and quiet. It’s the busy office district, so it’s packed and bustling during the week, but basically empty on a Sunday, which was perfect for us.  We also got some beautiful pics at the Smithfields market, which would normally be bustling, but was also closed just for us on this day. 🙂

I can’t wait for the wedding! Hopefully it will be slightly warmer in April 🙂


Mandy-James-Engagement-2 Mandy-James-Engagement-4 Mandy-James-Engagement-7 Mandy-James-Engagement-12 Mandy-James-Engagement-17 Mandy-James-Engagement-20 Mandy-James-Engagement-26 Mandy-James-Engagement-28 Mandy-James-Engagement-34 Mandy-James-Engagement-35 Mandy-James-Engagement-37 Mandy-James-Engagement-42 Mandy-James-Engagement-45 Mandy-James-Engagement-50

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  1. Great fun – love the last b&w shot.

  2. These are great, love that last one.