Villa Baroncino Wedding: Italy {Louise & Brian}


Italian destination Wedding | Villa Baroncino Wedding

There are so many things I need to share about Louise & Brian’s Villa Baroncino wedding. Most of which are pictures: so many joyful moments, so much love, so many happy tears, and so much beauty! But other things, too: the excitement of all the guests at being able to come to Italy and share a week-long holiday with the couple they love; the way every person there welcomed me like I was part of the party; Louise and Brian themselves, and their sense of utter fun and silliness (which I appreciated, being silly too); an amazing fun bridal party; the song from “Love Actually” making me tear up as bridesmaids walked down the aisle; everyone singing along to “That’s Amore” like it was the best song in the world during the cake-cutting; Brian and his best men cooking breakfast for the girls on the morning of the wedding (and including me in it!); the amazing many-coursed reception dinner; the crazy dancing…and much, much more.

Italy-Tuscany-wedding-Villa-Baroncino-1 Italy-Tuscany-wedding-Villa-Baroncino-2 Italy-Tuscany-wedding-Villa-Baroncino-3 Italy-Tuscany-wedding-Villa-Baroncino-6 Italy-Tuscany-wedding-Villa-Baroncino-8 Italy-Tuscany-wedding-Villa-Baroncino-10 Italy-Tuscany-wedding-Villa-Baroncino-12 Italy-Tuscany-wedding-Villa-Baroncino-15 Italy-Tuscany-wedding-Villa-Baroncino-18 Italy-Tuscany-wedding-Villa-Baroncino-21 Italy-Tuscany-wedding-Villa-Baroncino-26 Italy-Tuscany-wedding-Villa-Baroncino-27 Italy-Tuscany-wedding-Villa-Baroncino-30 Italy-Tuscany-wedding-Villa-Baroncino-32 Italy-Tuscany-wedding-Villa-Baroncino-35 Italy-Tuscany-wedding-Villa-Baroncino-37 Italy-Tuscany-wedding-Villa-Baroncino-39 Italy-Tuscany-wedding-Villa-Baroncino-41 Italy-Tuscany-wedding-Villa-Baroncino-43 Italy-Tuscany-wedding-Villa-Baroncino-45 Italy-Tuscany-wedding-Villa-Baroncino-48 Italy-Tuscany-wedding-Villa-Baroncino-50 Italy-Tuscany-wedding-Villa-Baroncino-52 Italy-Tuscany-wedding-Villa-Baroncino-54 Italy-Tuscany-wedding-Villa-Baroncino-57 Italy-Tuscany-wedding-Villa-Baroncino-59 Italy-Tuscany-wedding-Villa-Baroncino-61 Italy-Tuscany-wedding-Villa-Baroncino-64 Italy-Tuscany-wedding-Villa-Baroncino-67 Italy-Tuscany-wedding-Villa-Baroncino-69 Italy-Tuscany-wedding-Villa-Baroncino-72 Italy-Tuscany-wedding-Villa-Baroncino-74 Italy-Tuscany-wedding-Villa-Baroncino-77 Italy-Tuscany-wedding-Villa-Baroncino-80 Italy-Tuscany-wedding-Villa-Baroncino-85 Italy-Tuscany-wedding-Villa-Baroncino-87 Italy-Tuscany-wedding-Villa-Baroncino-89 Italy-Tuscany-wedding-Villa-Baroncino-91

15 responses to “Villa Baroncino Wedding: Italy {Louise & Brian}

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