Wedding: Bianca and Michael at Avianto

Avianto Wedding

Bianca and Michael’s wedding was held at Avianto last week Sunday.  Every little thing about this wedding was lovely –  the bird theme carried throughout from the groomsmen boutonnieres to the cake toppers, Bianca’s showstopping dress, the family getting involved and doing the decor, the cute little signs for the bridal party, and of course, the loveliness of Bianca and Michael themselves. Bianca chopped off her hair the day before the wedding as a surprise for Michael, who prefers shorter hair, and it looked incredible! I think he was suitably impressed 🙂

Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-1 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-5 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-7 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-9 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-10 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-12 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-13 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-15 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-17 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-19 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-20 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-21 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-23 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-25 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-27 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-29 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-30 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-31 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-34 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-35 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-37 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-39 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-40 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-42 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-44 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-45 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-47 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-48 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-50 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-51 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-54 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-55 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-56 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-57 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-59 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-61 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-63 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-64 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-65 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-69 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-70 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-71 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-73 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-74 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-75 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-76 Bianca-Michael-Avianto-wedding-79










Firstly, a BLACK wedding ring? Wow. And secondly, I was having some fun with these ring shots! I thought they looked totally cute on these cheese wedges. 🙂



Bianca, you’re a stunner.










So, these two can DANCE.



And, there was a line-dance!

Now that’s my kind of bride. Bits come off your dress? Whatever! Throw them aside and keep dancing!


I just love this last one…for a second it’s just a big puffy white cloud until you see what’s happening.


Bianca and Michael, thank you so much for such an incredible day! And thanks to my second shooter for the day, Juanette from Deanna Photography.

23 responses to “Wedding: Bianca and Michael at Avianto

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