Wedding at The Prince Albert pub in Camden {Shannen & Christian} – North London Wedding Photography


Prince Albert pub wedding

“You guys are so cute!” is what I kept saying to Christian and Shannen the whole day (and probably a hundred times more just to myself, so they wouldn’t think I was creepy or obsessed). But seriously, they are! SO CUTE. Shannen didn’t stop smiling the whole day, and Chris wasn’t far behind. It was so plain to me how much in love they are, and I might have choked up a little during Chris’ awesome speech about how fantastic Shannen is. Add to that the fact that he baked the wedding cake himself (!!!!), and I think Shannen’s found herself a keeper. 🙂

A bunch of really fun guests, a Jenga drinking game, some adorable kids, a great venue and delicious food made this wedding an incredible one with which to start off the year! Way to set the standard, guys!

My second shooter was my fab friend Heline Bekker.


Prince Albert Camden wedding, London Prince-Albert-Pub-Camden-Wedding-Shannen-Chris-3 Prince-Albert-Pub-Camden-Wedding-Shannen-Chris-4 Prince-Albert-Pub-Camden-Wedding-Shannen-Chris-6 Prince-Albert-Pub-Camden-Wedding-Shannen-Chris-7 Prince-Albert-Pub-Camden-Wedding-Shannen-Chris-10 Prince-Albert-Pub-Camden-Wedding-Shannen-Chris-13 Prince-Albert-Pub-Camden-Wedding-Shannen-Chris-15 Prince-Albert-Pub-Camden-Wedding-Shannen-Chris-16 Prince-Albert-Pub-Camden-Wedding-Shannen-Chris-17 Prince-Albert-Pub-Camden-Wedding-Shannen-Chris-21 Prince-Albert-Pub-Camden-Wedding-Shannen-Chris-22 Prince-Albert-Pub-Camden-Wedding-Shannen-Chris-29 Prince-Albert-Pub-Camden-Wedding-Shannen-Chris-31 Prince-Albert-Pub-Camden-Wedding-Shannen-Chris-32 Prince-Albert-Pub-Camden-Wedding-Shannen-Chris-36 Prince-Albert-Pub-Camden-Wedding-Shannen-Chris-37 Prince-Albert-Pub-Camden-Wedding-Shannen-Chris-41 Prince-Albert-Pub-Camden-Wedding-Shannen-Chris-47 Prince-Albert-Pub-Camden-Wedding-Shannen-Chris-54 Prince-Albert-Pub-Camden-Wedding-Shannen-Chris-56 Prince-Albert-Pub-Camden-Wedding-Shannen-Chris-57  Prince-Albert-Pub-Camden-Wedding-Shannen-Chris-64


Shannen’s friends organised some fun trials for Chris to go through, as is the Chinese custom (though usually it happens on the morning of the wedding). Shannen had to push an egg through her new husband’s trousers, up one leg, across, and then down the other – that is ALL that’s going on here! She then had to break the egg into Chris’ drink, and he was forced to drink it. *shudder*





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