St Etheldreda Wedding & The Fence in Farringdon {Kate & Rich}

St Etheldredas wedding

When I rounded the corner and saw St Etheldreda’s church tucked away between two much more modern buildings, I understood why Kate and Rich had chosen this church to be married in. Just round the corner from the busy Farringdon station, inside its peace and beauty was worlds away from the construction going on just a few houses down! Their ceremony (accompanied by the most fabulous 5-person choir I’ve ever heard) was then followed by a relaxed, intimate gathering at The Fence, just round the corner.  No speeches, no formalities: just a lovely, happy party of friends and family sharing drinks, food and love. It was so lovely to be a part of. Thank you so much, Kate and Rich, for asking me to capture your day for you.

Farringdon-Wedding-St-Etheldredas-Church-01 Farringdon-Wedding-St-Etheldredas-Church-02 Farringdon-Wedding-St-Etheldredas-Church-03 Farringdon-Wedding-St-Etheldredas-Church-04 Farringdon-Wedding-St-Etheldredas-Church-05 Farringdon-Wedding-St-Etheldredas-Church-06 Farringdon-Wedding-St-Etheldredas-Church-07 Farringdon-Wedding-St-Etheldredas-Church-08 Farringdon-Wedding-St-Etheldredas-Church-09 Farringdon-Wedding-St-Etheldredas-Church-10 Farringdon-Wedding-St-Etheldredas-Church-11 Farringdon-Wedding-St-Etheldredas-Church-12 Farringdon-Wedding-St-Etheldredas-Church-13 Farringdon-Wedding-St-Etheldredas-Church-14 Farringdon-Wedding-St-Etheldredas-Church-15 Farringdon-Wedding-St-Etheldredas-Church-16 Farringdon-Wedding-St-Etheldredas-Church-17 Farringdon-Wedding-St-Etheldredas-Church-18 Farringdon-Wedding-St-Etheldredas-Church-19 Farringdon-Wedding-St-Etheldredas-Church-20 Farringdon-Wedding-St-Etheldredas-Church-21 Farringdon-Wedding-St-Etheldredas-Church-22 Farringdon-Wedding-St-Etheldredas-Church-23 Farringdon-Wedding-St-Etheldredas-Church-24 Farringdon-Wedding-St-Etheldredas-Church-25 Farringdon-Wedding-St-Etheldredas-Church-26


© St Etheldreda Wedding photographer Kat Forsyth




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  1. What a lovely set of portraits!