Westcliff Hotel Wedding {Cherry & Scott}


Westcliff Hotel wedding

Westcliff Hotel Wedding

Cherry came to me as a referral from one of my previous lovely brides, Lauren, who got married to Ross in May last year. Lauren was one of Cherry’s bridesmaids (and she’s also a photographer, which means she was basically the best bridesmaid ever, because she knows what both the bride and the photographer need!), and Ross was on official puppy-wrangling duty (more on that later). It’s always great to see my past couples again at weddings!

Cherry & Scott’s Westcliff Hotel wedding was all style and elegance, and I have to say that their reception decor was some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. Each table was given a colour, and then filled with masses of flowers in that colour, along with matching menus, favours and “advice to the couple” cards! It was breathtaking, especially once all the candles were lit. I must have photographed every flower at least twice.

Cherry and Scott are such a lovely couple: sweet, fun, and up for anything. They had their beagle puppy brought in for some photos (hence the dog-wrangler!), they had a massive bunch of stunning balloons, and they climbed over rooftops for the perfect shot. What more could a photographer ask?

Enjoy the photos!

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3 responses to “Westcliff Hotel Wedding {Cherry & Scott}

  1. WOOHOO!!! Kat you are as always a rock star and an inspiration!!!

  2. OK, I love the jumping shot, but the roof photo with the balloons? AMAZING!!! Beautiful colors, too. 🙂

  3. Beautiful work. The shots on the roof are stunning, brave couple too! Well done.