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Rachel and Nick’s wedding day was supposed to be – according to the weather reports – chucking it down all day, but luckily no one believes in those reports, so aside from an odd hour or two during the afternoon, the sun shone valiantly throughout the day! And the rain and dampened lawns certainly didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits, least of all Rachel and Nick’s! I love it when a couple is so excited to be getting married, that nothing else matters.

The reception was held at the gorgeous Wormstall House near Newbury, which is filled with stuffed animals and birds and books and fun knick-knacks, and is generally just a photographer’s paradise!

My second shooter for the day was my fab friend Heline Bekker.


Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-001 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-006 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-007 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-009 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-011 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-015 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-017 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-022 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-023 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-027 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-028 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-030 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-032 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-033 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-037 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-039 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-041 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-044 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-045 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-046 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-051 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-053 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-055 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-057 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-060 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-063 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-066 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-068 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-071 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-075 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-077 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-080 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-082 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-084 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-086 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-088 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-090 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-091 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-093 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-096 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-098 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-100 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-106 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-108 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-112 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-113 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-115 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-119 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-122 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-123 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-125 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-127 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-129 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-132 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-134 Rachel-Nick-Wormstall-House-Wedding-136

© Berkshire Wedding Photographer Kat Forsyth

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