Carnival Wedding Tent

A Backyard Carnival Wedding {Milly & Dave}

Carnival Wedding tent

Carnival Wedding

A few weeks ago, fellow expat photographer Kate Newman asked me if I’d like to shoot with her on a lovely backyard themed circus wedding. Well, clearly I wasn’t about to say no to that, so off we went to Maidenhead on Jubilee Sunday…which also ended up being one of the rainiest days of the year! Even the Queen couldn’t fix that, but it didn’t matter to Milly and Dave, who went on with their day happily anyway. And a little bit of rain and mud couldn’t dampen this gorgeous couple’s spirit! It was a beautiful day in every way. And I was IN LOVE with their red and white carnival wedding decor! From the tent to the straws and serviettes and table cloths – everything was planned out to the tiniest detail!

Special shoutout to having popcorn for confetti – I LOVE that, flowergirls in little red tutu petticoats, and Milly’s family sheepdog, who greeted all the guests happily, and then insisted on sitting next to Milly and DaveĀ at the top of the aisle during the wedding ceremony, resplendent in a big red bow. I totally wanted to steal him for my very own!

Thanks again to Kate for asking me along on this wedding – it’s going to be one of my favourites for a long time!

Carnival-Circus-Wedding-Milly-Dave-02 Carnival-Circus-Wedding-Milly-Dave-03 Carnival-Circus-Wedding-Milly-Dave-04 Carnival-Circus-Wedding-Milly-Dave-05 Carnival-Circus-Wedding-Milly-Dave-06 Carnival-Circus-Wedding-Milly-Dave-07 Carnival-Circus-Wedding-Milly-Dave-08 Carnival-Circus-Wedding-Milly-Dave-09 Carnival-Circus-Wedding-Milly-Dave-10 Carnival-Circus-Wedding-Milly-Dave-11 Carnival-Circus-Wedding-Milly-Dave-12 Carnival-Circus-Wedding-Milly-Dave-13 flowergirls tutus Carnival-Circus-Wedding-Milly-Dave-15 peony bouquet wedding popcorn confetti Carnival-Circus-Wedding-Milly-Dave-18 Carnival-Circus-Wedding-Milly-Dave-19 Wedding umbrellas Carnival-Circus-Wedding-Milly-Dave-21 Carnival-Circus-Wedding-Milly-Dave-22 Carnival-Circus-Wedding-Milly-Dave-23 Carnival-Circus-Wedding-Milly-Dave-24 Carnival-Circus-Wedding-Milly-Dave-25 Carnival-Circus-Wedding-Milly-Dave-26 Carnival-Circus-Wedding-Milly-Dave-27 Carnival-Circus-Wedding-Milly-Dave-28 Carnival-Circus-Wedding-Milly-Dave-29 Carnival-Circus-Wedding-Milly-Dave-30 Carnival-Circus-Wedding-Milly-Dave-31