Barnes Wetland Centre Wedding

London Wedding Photography – Wedding at Barnes Wetland Centre & London Museum of Water & Steam {Deepa & Josh}


Barnes Wetland Centre Wedding

Australian Josh met UK-born Deepa when he was visiting the UK and attending a music festival. They quickly fell head over heels for each other, but then they had to make the decision of where to live – the UK or Australia? They decided on the latter, but of course they had to have this wedding in the UK for all their local friends and family (and a bunch of the Aussies, who flew out anyway, because they weren’t about to pass up the opportunity to party!).

The ceremony was held at the Barnes Wetland Centre Wedding venue in South West London, and the reception at the stunning London Museum of Water and Steam, which is the COOLEST place ever, while being pretty boiling inside. It is literally a building full of steam pumps. 😛  But it’s always an awesome vibe shooting in there, and Deepa and Josh’s bright Indian style decor made it look amazing!

I LOVED the relaxed, informal vibe of this wedding. Lots of chilling out and spending time with guests (but lots of time for photos too – thanks, guys!), no epic speeches, just a few important thank yous and messages of love, and then it was straight to dancing! Also, there was an Astronaut Jukebox so everyone could select their own tunes, AND a caricaturist capturing the guests’ likenesses during the drinks reception – so damn cool!

But what I loved most was watching Josh and Deepa during the day, sharing little smiles and giggles, holding hands, and basically being ecstatic that they just got married! I hope I captured some of those beautiful little moments for you two, as well as the fun ones! xx

As always, special thanks to my second shooter Heline Bekker, who captures things beautifully from a different angle!

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