Bingham hotel wedding

London Wedding Photographer: Same-sex Bingham Hotel Wedding, Richmond {Alessandra and Eva}

Bingham Hotel Wedding | Two Brides

Just a few from this gorgeous same-sex wedding I photographed last year, second shooting for my friend Paola De Paola Photography. Ale and Eva are an Italian couple who live in London, and they had a lovely, personal wedding which was partly in English and partly in Italian. The speeches were in Italian, but were so emotional that I was tearing up even though I had no idea what anyone was saying – I swear, you just have to show me a person crying and I’ll cry too! 🙂

The whole wedding was held at the Bingham Hotel wedding venue in Richmond, and the weather was absolutely perfect for all the traditional garden games that the brides’ families had organised as a surprise! And, of course, for photos in the evening sun. 🙂

I loved Ale and Eva’s matching but not identical wedding dresses, and they both looked so beautiful and so happy. I didn’t have to do anything but point my camera and them and click, and they just looked amazing. Having fun is THE most important thing to get great wedding photos! (she said for the millionth time ever). 😛 Thanks, Paola, for inviting me along to this wonderful wedding!

Same-sex bingham hotel wedding | London wedding photographer

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