Bridesmaids at The Roost in London

Bohemian Stoke Newington & The Roost Wedding {Emily & Oli}


The Roost Wedding

I think what I loved most about this wedding was the guests. Not that Emily and Oli aren’t total rockstars, because they are (Oli literally is one; he writes songs and has a band and everything), but there’s something about seeing how thrilled a couple’s family and friends are for them, that makes me warm to that couple even more. I mean, if their loved ones are that genuinely excited to be at their wedding, they must be pretty awesome people, right? And all I saw the whole day were huge smiles, laughter and happiness, from every person there. It warmed the cockles of my already sentimental, sappy heart. 🙂

Emily and Oli were married at Stoke Newington Town Hall, followed by a lunch at the nearby pub, Homa, for just their close family and friends. And then it was onto the super ridiculously cool venue The Roost wedding venue  in Dalston, East London, for the main reception. I’d been looking forward to shooting there ever since Emily and Oli booked me, and it did not disappoint! I kind of totally want to live there. Even if my legs were aching the next day from running up and down three flights of stairs all evening (but then hey, that’d be my exercise for the week!).


Oli and Emily wanted a bohemian feel to their celebrations, and pretty much everyone came dressed accordingly, which I loved! Partly because I love dress-up, and partly because it was another sign of how much everyone loves Oli and Emily, and how much fun they were prepared to have at the wedding! And the more fun people have, the more fun I have!

Thanks as always to my lovely partner-in-crime-and-silliness, Heline Bekker, for second shooting with me!

I believe Oli wins at being my best groom reaction shot of all time. He couldn’t be more bowled over by how gorgeous Emily looks!

Emily and Oli, it was a massive pleasure photographing your wedding! Thank you so much!

Kat xx

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Emily Oli Stoke Newington Town Hall wedding
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