Rockabilly Wedding London

Cry Baby {A Rockabilly Wedding shoot at Ace Cafe}


A few months ago I was involved in this fantastic Rockabilly wedding shoot, based on the style of the movie Cry Baby. The whole thing was organised by Lau of Frenchmade, so here’s her write-up about the shoot in her own words:

“I cannot even count how many times I have watched ‘Cry Baby’ as a teenager. What attracted me the most were its rebellious characters who managed to break their subculture taboos. On this 50’s inspired styled photo shoot, I wanted to recreate that spirit by not only including moody type tattooed models but also an unconventional bridal colour scheme. It’s now such an honour to present to you how this cast turned my vision into these bright, eye pleasing creations, brilliantly captured by Kat Forsyth photography and Piece of cake films at the iconic Ace Café in North London.

Kat’s photography is always fresh, bright and fun, which was exactly the look we needed for this brightly-coloured shoot. She captured the vibe and style of the 50s rockabilly era in her own unique style, keeping it vintage but still with a modern-day twist to inspire today’s brides!

Laura and Leigh didn’t produce JUST a behind-the-scenes type work but they went for something better- a short film in its own right. They even shot some of the footage on Super 8mm which brings some authentic vintage style to the piece and ties in well with the 50s theme. What an edgy, creative little masterpiece! See for yourself!

I thought four models would give us a greater opportunity to showcase different options. Natasha from Pretty me vintage styled Katt, one of our bridesmaids, according to Wanda with a Bettie Page style short fringe and cute yet fierce curls. For Gwenda, she used victory rolls. Rachie our Bride, was given THE ultimate classic 50’s hairdo with Kelly Spence’s perfectly suited short puff veil.  As for make-up, Natasha beautifully recreated the 1950’s look with fabulous fake eyelashes, juicy red lips, black eyeliner and enhanced eyebrows. Our quiff hair groom, Chris was lucky enough to wear two outfits, first a Hollywood style suit from Morellos which was very popular for wedding at that time and then, the Cry Baby look jeans, white t-shirt and leather jacket. The girls all had glamorous Oh My Honey dresses on. Yes, every rockabilly chick’s dream dress! OMH usually specialises in full circle skirts but in order to be more faithful to the Cry Baby crew, Louise made two fitted dresses especially for the shoot.

Not only did Gwenda volunteer to model, as she couldn’t resist the chance to wear one of Louise’s freshly designed beauties, but she also created stunning bouquets. The key colours of red, yellow and black guided her flower choices so she selected classic Rockabilly roses and a few cheeky sunflowers. We also displayed two alternative bouquets. Emma, from Beaubutton wanted to create a bold bouquet to reflect the style of the shoot with pillar box red polka dot buttons combined with distinctive red floral buttons. For the felt one, she opted for a more kitsch vibe with a heart shape and bubble gum pink incorporated with the red and white.

Some flowers and cute stationery were used to accent French Made cakes, some rose petals as table confetti and some other flowers scattered around the nicely arranged cupcake tower. For my sweet creations, I used a selection of toppers including candies in the shape of cherries and strawberry to match one of the wonderful Pearl and Swine fascinators that can be seen on both the model’s heads and on the top tier of the wedding cake, that our Cry baby and Allison cut to mark the beginning of their new life as newly-weds.

Catherine from Vintage Loves Roses designed some amazing stationery that combined both a reflection of the film’s rock n roll element and the style of the venue. By using the black and white chequered design from Ace Cafe’s walls, she successfully gave her work the biker edge that Cry Baby oozes in the film. The rose and flames featured on the cake toppers for example were inspired by ‘Jukebox Jamboree’. Music was undoubtedly a big part of the lovers’ romance so songs from the film were cleverly included on the table plan.

Long live King Cry Baby!”

Kat-Forsyth-Cry-Baby-01 Kat-Forsyth-Cry-Baby-03 Kat-Forsyth-Cry-Baby-04 Kat-Forsyth-Cry-Baby-12 Kat-Forsyth-Cry-Baby-16 Kat-Forsyth-Cry-Baby-18 Kat-Forsyth-Cry-Baby-21 Kat-Forsyth-Cry-Baby-24 Kat-Forsyth-Cry-Baby-26 Kat-Forsyth-Cry-Baby-27 Kat-Forsyth-Cry-Baby-29 Kat-Forsyth-Cry-Baby-32 Kat-Forsyth-Cry-Baby-37 Kat-Forsyth-Cry-Baby-38 Kat-Forsyth-Cry-Baby-40 Kat-Forsyth-Cry-Baby-47 Kat-Forsyth-Cry-Baby-51 Kat-Forsyth-Cry-Baby-56 Kat-Forsyth-Cry-Baby-57 Kat-Forsyth-Cry-Baby-65 Kat-Forsyth-Cry-Baby-68 Kat-Forsyth-Cry-Baby-70 Kat-Forsyth-Cry-Baby-74 Kat-Forsyth-Cry-Baby-75 Kat-Forsyth-Cry-Baby-78 Kat-Forsyth-Cry-Baby-83 Kat-Forsyth-Cry-Baby-84 Kat-Forsyth-Cry-Baby-88 Kat-Forsyth-Cry-Baby-91




Collaborators and Contributors List:


Lau Delpech: Dessert table and Organiser –

Kat Forsyth: London Wedding Photographer

Laura and Leigh Brooks: Videographers:

Louise O’Mahony: Dresses:

Male model suit:

Natasha Hall – Hair and Make-up:

Gwenda Jeffs- Flowers-

Catherine Iles – Stationery –

Emma Lyth- Beaubuttons-

Kelly Spence-Veil-

Hair accessories/ fascinators:

Venue- Ace Café-

 Models: Gwenda Jeffs

Rachie Ashton

Katt Weaver

Chris Day

© Kat Forsyth, Alternative London Wedding Photographer