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Dorset Wedding Photographer – Fun Village Hall Wedding {Alice & Sam}

Dorset Wedding Photographer

Alice and Sam (well, Alice, at least) came to me via a referral from our mutual friend Jan. We’re all big fans of a certain actor (ahem Tom Hiddleston), and I had met Jan at the London Film Festival premiere of High-Rise in 2015, while Jan, Alice, and a group of others including one of Alice’s bridesmaids, Berni, had met at a theatre talk earlier the same year. So when Alice and Sam started planning their wedding, lovely Jan told them about me and they booked me to photograph it! Woohoo for fans coming together. 🙂

Alice and Sam wanted a lovely intimate wedding at the church near where Alice grew up, followed by a relaxed reception at the village hall. The day started out quite ominously weatherwise (the day before, when Jan drove us down to Dorset, it had bucketed down the whole way), but by the time we got to the village hall for the reception it had cleared up, allowing us to do some photos outside, and more importantly, allowing the vintage bicycle ice cream cart to serve us an assortment of bloody delicious ice cream outside in the evening sun! The following day it poured down again, so Alice and Sam really lucked out!

In the evening Alice changed from her white wedding dress into what can only be described as a woodland fairy princess dress, complete with flowers and ivy, designed by the AMAZING Chotronette! I was totally in love with it, and dragged Alice and Sam out for a few more portraits (of course!). After that we had the first dance followed by a ceilidh, where I got the best of both worlds, because I got to photograph it and then put my camera down when my time was up and have a few dances with my friends! Those things are no joke: I woke up ACHING the following day! Totally worth it.

Ooh and special mention to Alice’s bloody kickass amazing Star Wars Irregular Choice shoes. Be still my beating heart!

Dorset Wedding Photographer

Chotronette wedding dress

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