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Destination Wedding South Africa: Alice in Wonderland Wedding at Florence Farm {Anja & Mike}

Wedding Photographers London & Destination weddings

Alice in Wonderland Wedding – South Africa

I’m SO excited to share this wedding with you!

When Anja told me she’d been following my work for years, and that she was a little devastated when I moved to the UK, because she’d planned on asking me to be her wedding photographer one day, I was so honoured (and more than a little intimidated!). But I’m so thankful that when “one day” arrived, and Anja and Mike were planning their wedding, that she still wanted me to photograph it for them! Obviously I wasn’t about to say no to being flown out from the UK for a gorgeous farm wedding (and being able to visit my family and friends in the process!). I’m so touched that they did that, and thrilled that they had such an exceptionally gorgeous wedding, too.

The wedding was held at the beautiful Florence Farm near Chrissiesmeer, and everything about this venue is gorgeous, from the reception hall to the bridal suite, and especially the “forest church” ceremony spot, set in a clearing of tall pine trees. Add to that Mike and Anja’s vintage-feel Alice in Wonderland styled decor, colourful lanterns, bridesmaids in all the colours of the rainbow (almost), horses, and some of the best food I’ve EVER tasted, and you have the stage set for one incredible wedding. And on top of that Anja and Mike and all their friends and family are just the loveliest people: down-to-earth and FUN, enjoying every moment of the day, with more than a little breaking into song on the part of the bridesmaids (my kind of people!).

I have to say a huge thank you to my 2nd shooter, Juanette from Deanna Photography, who road-tripped with me back in my first year of shooting weddings to Kyra & Nick‘s wedding, and did it again this time, nearly four years later! It was so much fun to work with you again! And thanks for driving and knowing where to go 🙂

But the biggest thank you, is of course to Anja, Mike and their parents, for bringing me out to capture the day. I’ll never forget it!

AMW_0574 AMW_1103 Anja-Mike-Forest-Wedding-South-Africa-1 Anja-Mike-Forest-Wedding-South-Africa-2 Anja-Mike-Forest-Wedding-South-Africa-4 Anja-Mike-Forest-Wedding-South-Africa-6 Anja-Mike-Forest-Wedding-South-Africa-8 Anja-Mike-Forest-Wedding-South-Africa-10 Anja-Mike-Forest-Wedding-South-Africa-11 Anja-Mike-Forest-Wedding-South-Africa-14 Anja-Mike-Forest-Wedding-South-Africa-16 Anja-Mike-Forest-Wedding-South-Africa-18 Anja-Mike-Forest-Wedding-South-Africa-19 Anja-Mike-Forest-Wedding-South-Africa-20 Anja-Mike-Forest-Wedding-South-Africa-21 Anja-Mike-Forest-Wedding-South-Africa-23 Anja-Mike-Forest-Wedding-South-Africa-27 Anja-Mike-Forest-Wedding-South-Africa-29 Anja-Mike-Forest-Wedding-South-Africa-32 Anja-Mike-Forest-Wedding-South-Africa-35 Anja-Mike-Forest-Wedding-South-Africa-38 Anja-Mike-Forest-Wedding-South-Africa-41 Anja-Mike-Forest-Wedding-South-Africa-42 Anja-Mike-Forest-Wedding-South-Africa-43 Anja-Mike-Forest-Wedding-South-Africa-46 Anja-Mike-Forest-Wedding-South-Africa-49 Anja-Mike-Forest-Wedding-South-Africa-50 Anja-Mike-Forest-Wedding-South-Africa-52 Anja-Mike-Forest-Wedding-South-Africa-54 Anja-Mike-Forest-Wedding-South-Africa-58 Anja-Mike-Forest-Wedding-South-Africa-59 Anja-Mike-Forest-Wedding-South-Africa-60 Anja-Mike-Forest-Wedding-South-Africa-65 Anja-Mike-Forest-Wedding-South-Africa-68 Anja-Mike-Forest-Wedding-South-Africa-69 Anja-Mike-Forest-Wedding-South-Africa-70 Anja-Mike-Forest-Wedding-South-Africa-73 Anja-Mike-Forest-Wedding-South-Africa-75 Anja-Mike-Forest-Wedding-South-Africa-80 Anja-Mike-Forest-Wedding-South-Africa-83 Anja-Mike-Forest-Wedding-South-Africa-87 Anja-Mike-Forest-Wedding-South-Africa-89 Anja-Mike-Forest-Wedding-South-Africa-91 Anja-Mike-Forest-Wedding-South-Africa-94 Anja-Mike-Forest-Wedding-South-Africa-96 Anja-Mike-Forest-Wedding-South-Africa-101 Anja-Mike-Forest-Wedding-South-Africa-104


Massive thanks to my amazing 2nd shooter, Juanette from Deanna Photography, who knew exactly how to get this shot, and ran around with the sparkler too! This is all her!