Gaynes Park Wedding

Essex Wedding Photography – Gaynes Park Wedding {Alana & James}


Gaynes Park Orangery & Barn Wedding

This beautiful summer wedding is one that I second shot for photographer Ellie Gillard a couple of months ago. Alana and James had their whole wedding day at Gaynes Park in Epping, and I always love when couples choose to hold their whole day in one place, because there’s no stress about getting from venue to venue, and no worrying about the traffic on the way! Everyone can just relax and make the most of every minute with their loved ones.

Gaynes Park is so beautiful, with its rustic barn area for the reception, and the glass-panelled Orangery for the ceremony, and tons of space for the guests to relax and chat outside on the lawns. The absolutely perfect weather didn’t hurt, either! 🙂

Alana and James had wedding games like croquet to keep the guests occupied while they waited for the ceremony to start, and later during couple photos (my favourite time of day!). Some of my favourite photos from the day ended up being from when the bride and groom decided to practise their first dance while we were out taking photos, amongst the spring daffodils! The dancing at the party later was epic, too!

Alana and James, thank you for being beautiful and relaxed and fun, and Ellie, thank you for inviting me along to assist you!

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