Hulk with red wedding shoes | comic book wedding inspiration

A Geeky Superhero Wedding Shoot for Comic Book fans!

Bride with Captain America shield



I just realised that I never blogged this super (hero) awesome styled shoot I did with my Coocouture friends! For this superhero wedding, our inspiration was, of course, the plethora of superhero movies that we’ve been enjoying over the past few years, and as a Marvel fan (sorry DC lovers!) I was very excited to be involved in this one! It ended up being even better than we planned, as the owner of the studio we used, Katia Muscara, had a bunch of MCU figurines belonging to her son, which we incorporated into the shoot with awesome results! Who doesn’t want to see Thor use Mjolnir to cut a wedding cake, or see Hulk hold a bouquet or smash some puny shoes? You didn’t know you needed to see it till you saw it! 🙂

Anyway, now that Wonder Woman has been released since we did this shoot, it’s a great time for me to show it! Our model Verity did an amazing job being a kickass bride that Diana herself would have been proud of!

All the awesome suppliers:

Photography – Kat Forsyth Photography (me!)
Wedding outfit, including veil, cuffs and headdress: Karen Dornellie
Flowers & table decor: Bohotanical
Cake: French Made
Hair and Make-up : Retromorphosist
Shoes: Marsha Hall Handmade Shoes
Stationery: Beyond Vintage

Superhero geek wedding cake comic book

Superhero wedding table decor place settings

Superhero wonder woman yellow boots with captain America and Iron Man

Thor with a geeky superhero wedding cake for comicbook fans

wedding decor flowers in tins covered in comic book pages

Wonderwoman wedding outfit

comic book wonderwoman headdress and 60s makeup

The Hulk wedding bouquet

Arm cuffs for superhero wedding outfit Wonderwoman

Geeky wedding dress - trousers with a cape

red wedding shoes by Marsha Hall

Hulk bouquet and geeky bride

MCU Marvel wedding

comic book Marvel wedding ideas

Geek wedding Comic books, superheroes

Bride with Captain America shield

Geel chic comic book wedding veil

Hulk with red wedding shoes | comic book wedding inspiration