Putney wedding at London Rowing Club

London Wedding Photography – Rainy Wedding on a Boat & London Rowing Club {Gemma & David}


Rainy Wedding at London Rowing Club

Gemma and David had planned a lovely spring wedding, but the UK’s seemingly neverending winter this year had other plans! It rained the entire day – but Gemma and David were absolutely wonderful about it, laughing all day and not giving two hoots about how cold and damp (read: freezing and wet) it was! 🙂 That’s my kind of couple – you can’t do a single thing about the weather on your wedding day, so just have fun with whatever the sky throws at you! Even a rainy wedding can be amazing.

This wedding was pretty awesome for me, as it was the first time I’ve ever photographed a wedding ceremony on a boat going down the river Thames! We started off at Kingston on a lovely old boat called The Clifton Castle, and once everyone was on board, we set off towards Putney! David and Gemma got one of their friends to officiate a personal, intimate ceremony for them (during which Gemma didn’t stop beaming except to laugh, she was so excited), and once that was over, drinks were served while everyone chatted (and wore silly hats, including me!) on the rest of the way to Putney.

Of course, it was still pelting down with rain when we arrived at Putney Pier, but we did an epic colourful confetti shot on the pier anyway, and then everyone hurried under umbrellas down the embankment to the London Rowing Club! (I actually got some of my favourite shots during this; yay for a rainy wedding and a couple who don’t care!) It was toasty warm and welcoming in the Rowing Club, with log fires burning, and more canapes than you could eat! (As an aside, I’d like to thank the London Rowing Club for always treating the wedding suppliers (ie me) so well, and making sure we get food and drink! I love those guys).

I was only at this wedding for a few hours, but I loved the warmth and happiness everyone had for the bride and groom, and how damn thrilled they were to be getting married. Gemma and David, thank you!

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