Tower Bridge Wedding Photographer

Tower Bridge Wedding {Pat & Chris}

Tower Bridge Wedding Photographer

Last week I shared Pat and Chris’ engagement session, and today I’m going to show you their Tower Bridge wedding! Which was awesome and fun, just like Pat and Chris themselves.

First of all, I had no idea you could get married inside Tower Bridge, so that was pretty epic. The ceremony was held in one of the upstairs rooms, and then I got to take Pat and Chris out to one of the topmost balconies for a quick photo op, while the guests amused themselves in the glass-panelled walkways between the two towers. We then took the entire lot outside for some group shots, whereupon Pat decided to buy ice creams for everyone (I think the ice cream van guy thought it was Christmas!). We ended up back inside the Engine Rooms, where the reception was held; where, as usual, I got choked up on emotional speeches, and then laughed uproariously with everyone else as Pat whipped out a blowup guitar and danced around like a rock star to “I believe in a thing called love”. An amazing, sweet, fun and relaxed day for a couple who are all those things too!

Tower-Bridge-Weddings-Pat-Chris-01 Tower-Bridge-Weddings-Pat-Chris-02 Tower-Bridge-Weddings-Pat-Chris-03 Tower-Bridge-Weddings-Pat-Chris-04 Tower-Bridge-Weddings-Pat-Chris-05 Tower-Bridge-Weddings-Pat-Chris-06 Tower-Bridge-Weddings-Pat-Chris-07 Tower-Bridge-Weddings-Pat-Chris-08 Tower-Bridge-Weddings-Pat-Chris-09 Tower-Bridge-Weddings-Pat-Chris-10 Tower-Bridge-Weddings-Pat-Chris-11 Tower-Bridge-Weddings-Pat-Chris-12 Tower-Bridge-Weddings-Pat-Chris-13 Tower-Bridge-Weddings-Pat-Chris-14 Tower-Bridge-Weddings-Pat-Chris-15 Tower-Bridge-Weddings-Pat-Chris-16 Tower-Bridge-Weddings-Pat-Chris-17 Tower-Bridge-Weddings-Pat-Chris-18 Tower-Bridge-Weddings-Pat-Chris-19 Tower-Bridge-Weddings-Pat-Chris-20 Tower-Bridge-Weddings-Pat-Chris-21 Tower-Bridge-Weddings-Pat-Chris-22 Tower-Bridge-Weddings-Pat-Chris-23 Tower-Bridge-Weddings-Pat-Chris-24 Tower-Bridge-Weddings-Pat-Chris-25 Tower-Bridge-Weddings-Pat-Chris-26


Thanks to Heline Bekker for being my 2nd shooter! xx