About Me | Portrait of Kat Forsyth

Photo by Leanne Dixon


I’m Kat, and I live in North London with Jem, my lovely geeky spouse of FIFTEEN YEARS (where did that time go??) and our rescue kitty, Allegra. Jem enjoys playing D&D, baking, and listening to audio lectures on ancient civilisations. Allegra enjoys running across our faces in the middle of the night, and running away from us when she gets startled, which is 98.2 % of the time. And I…well, I enjoy a lot of things: I’m obsessed with musical theatre, movies and books, and making lists of them. I have a spreadsheet of every movie I’ve watched and book I’ve read since 2003, my religion is basically Drag Race, I can’t go one day without chocolate, and I constantly have a song playing in my head. I sing in two choirs – because singing is pure joy, and one choir wasn’t enough joy for me! – and I believe that the most important thing in life is to be happy within yourself. Which is why, twelve years ago, I quit my soul-destroying retail job, and threw myself headfirst into wedding photography! I love photographing weddings. They’re just so exciting, emotional, and FUN.  I do lots of other bits and bobs, too (pop on over to my corporate photography website if you need some new personal branding headshots or a corporate gig photographed), but nothing will ever be as much fun as photographing a wedding! I’m there for the silliness (because I’m silly, too), the crazy dancefloor antics, the anticipation of the big moments, the laughter, and the tears. And I’ll probably join you in doing most of these things! #ImACrierm