Westcliff Hotel Wedding

Westcliff Hotel wedding: Lyndall & Brook

Westcliff Hotel Wedding


Lyndall and Brook. What a sweet, genuinely loving couple. Lyndall’s family are originally from South Africa, but they moved to the UK years ago. And it was on a trip to Australia that Lyndall’s brother met Brook, on a cruise around Sydney Harbour. Since Lyndall had already told him to find a good-looking Australian guy for her, it was fate. They became Facebook friends, and that was the beginning of, well, the beginning. 🙂

This was also the first LDS wedding I’ve ever photographed – or, in this case, NOT photographed, since I wasn’t allowed inside the temple. So perhaps I should say it was the first wedding I’ve photographed where I wasn’t actually at the wedding itself 🙂 However, Lyndall and Brook had a ring ceremony at the Westcliff after we left the temple, so that the rest of their guests could witness that…and the first kiss. They then had a lunchtime reception, finally ending off the day with the couple photos! Never let it be said that weddings are all the same. This one certainly wasn’t. Also, as it turns out, Lyndall and her sister Camilla and I all went to the same Primary School, so I had a good old chat with their mother about that! Small world indeed.

My second shooter for the day was Corinna Tannian.

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Brook’s first look at his bride, as she arrives at the gate of the temple:






And back to the Westcliff:



I’m really enjoying this ray of sun shining down on Lyndall…as if she didn’t look ethereal enough! Le sigh.


Since they were already married, Lyndall and Brook were pelted with confetti as they arrived AND as they left! Which I totally loved…it’s awesome fun, and you get double use out of your petals!


Each table at the reception was named after a place or something else that had personal meaning to Lyndall and Brook as a couple. There was even a table called “skype”, which played a big part in their relationship when they were living in different places.






Lyndall’s 95-year-old grandfather made a heartfelt speech.


And Brook’s brother made a very emotional one:


























And the bouquet toss…of which there were two. The first one fell short, and the second one, well…here it comes:


And there it goes!